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TourTech - A New Way Of Working

One thing we’ve all learned since the pandemic began, is that flexible working and remote working are not only possible but also sometimes necessary. With millions of people working from home during various lockdowns, we’ve had a taste of how working remotely can dramatically improve our lives.

Working from home is fun and breaks the routine, but there can be a downside - loneliness, low productivity, poor communication, less commitment to the workplace, and social isolation are common. Working alone and only seeing colleagues in video calls does not achieve the goal completely.

Many of us are not looking to work from home, but on the other hand we are tired of the "old way" of working, which is monotonous and leaves us dreaming about our next vacation. Routine in both methods is unbalanced.

The experience of combining work with an exciting lifestyle is a new pursuit. Digital nomads, relocation of employees with remote work permits around the world, and being a freelancer is becoming more and more common. If you can work from anywhere in the world then you can potentially travel and work at the same time. You can achieve your life goals, get out and see the world, still make a living, and get professional experience. This is a dream come true for a lot of people.

Reality tells us that the dream is not always easy to achieve. Relocation to another country is not so straightforward. Becoming a digital nomad means finding projects, maintaining customer relationships, and knowing how to work to a deadline while you travel. It takes time to get the hang of it.

So what if you only have a few months?

What if you want to leave home for a while to experience this way of life and then go back to your old life? Remember that if you work as a freelancer, the level of complexity and projects that you can be a part of is limited. The importance of a team connected not only by technology but also by strong social connections has benefits beyond the imagination.

Stay Innovation is a software development company that works differently. It has invented a new way of working called TourTech or technological tourism. Stay Innovation offers people from all over the world with a background in technology, to come and join one of its teams in special and amazing locations around the world. People can come for periods of between one to six months (depending on the project). By providing its teams with a unique lifestyle that includes great hospitality, travelling, community life, and volunteering, Stay Innovation creates a productive environment that gives participants excellent opportunities for professional and personal growth.

From Stay Innovation:

“We believe that when we travel and learn new things, volunteer, and meet new people, we are at our most productive and creative. We can take this tremendous advantage and integrate it with our technological world. When our employees arrive, we team them up with people from all over the world. Each team is given tasks in diverse technological projects, under our professional management. At the same time, we offer a fantastic lifestyle with different activities each day. The activities are varied and can be anything from hiking in nature, sports such as surfing, yoga, and martial arts, bonfire evenings and parties to music, lectures, gardening, and food workshops. Plus we have a Stay for the World volunteer program to support children in the local community, and the amazing place where we are located, and that alone offers so much.”

TourTech offers anyone who wants to experience a combination of tech working and travel, a great opportunity for self-development, connecting with people from all over the world, discovering new areas of interest, and most importantly breaking every boundary we have known to date on the subject of work habits.

So if you have a technical background in software development, are between jobs, tired of your workplace, working part-time, or going on a long vacation, or even if you are a graduate and want to travel the world and continue to develop professionally, come to Stay Innovation and join one of our programs. You’ll get to work with an amazing community of people all connected through the Stay Innovation network. We are looking for programmers, designers, product managers, marketers, analysts, and QA personnel.

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